You may have seen Chris on the Great British Menu in 2016, thank you to everyone who sent messages of support. Chris thoroughly enjoyed his week and thought he would take the time to reflect on his starring role…

The filming was great fun, although nerve-racking to begin with. The first day was the hardest as Chris had to get used to the new cooking environment, chefs who he was cooking alongside and all the lights in the kitchen. With 8 camera men, 3 chefs and 3 big filming lights, it was extremely hot! What Chris found most surprising about the kitchen was that there were only 2 cooking stations for 3 chefs. Whilst this was stressful due to a lack of space, it was nice to work in close proximity to Josh Eggleton and Jude Kereama and get to know them well.

Looking back… The hardest of part of being on the show was having to judge the other chefs’ food. Having become great friends, it was hard to be critical of their work. The best part of being on Great British Menu was getting the opportunity to meet Zoe Jackson (MBE). Chris had so much fun meeting her and going to the dance studio! Chris’ favourite plate was the ‘Swimming Through the Paths of Time’ fish dish. Not only was this his highest scoring dish, but it was also the one he enjoyed making the most.

Finally, a huge congratulations to both Josh and Jude, they produced some amazing dishes!